History of the Club


The Somerton Yacht Club was formed at a meeting conducted by the Mayor of Brighton (Mr. W. S. Walsh) in Feb 1945.

During the first season, sailing was conducted from a temporary clubhouse near Farrell St., Glenelg. A permanent clubhouse was built in 1947 on the foreshore between Whyte St. and College Rd, and the club became an incorporated body.

The Original Clubhouse

In 1953, the Clubhouse was totally destroyed in a storm. Immediate efforts were made to establish a new clubhouse on the John Miller Reserve, but had attendant difficulties and members drifted, so Somerton became near non-existent. In Sept. 1953, at a special meeting, the Club changed its name from The Somerton Sailing Club to The Somerton Yacht Club.

The clubhouse following the destruction of the storm

The Club Building on this site was opened on Sat. Dec. 14th 1957.

The current Club Building opened on Sat. Dec. 14th 1957

For more details about the clubs beginings and the early days take a look at these 3 accounts below by John Schlank, H.A.F. taylor and Tom Flint.

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